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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

When this family decided it was time to update their kitchen, they had two things in mind. Keep the ambience of the farmhouse, and make the space feel bigger.

Ceiling height cabinets in a brush stroke finish were installed to add storage and give height to the room. To compliment the cabinets and give the room a finished look crown molding was installed throughout the perimeter of the area. White Cambria quartz countertops were used to brighten the space up and keep the kitchen in a classic state.

The soffit above the rage was removed to open-up the area and a counter-depth refrigerator replaced a traditional depth refrigerator to give the illusion of a larger space.

In keeping with the charm of a farmhouse a beadboard backsplash was used in lieu of a traditional tile backsplash and to complete the look a farmhouse sink was installed

After the transformation this truly is a modern farmhouse kitchen that will be loved for all the years to come.



Before After