Who We Are

Edge Construction is a company of carpenters. We provide interior finish work and home remodeling services in southern Wisconsin. Over the years, our remodeling company has completed the interior finish work in thousands of Madison-area homes. We enjoy what we do and are always striving to excel in all aspects of the job. Making our customers happy, providing quality work, completing construction and remodeling jobs quickly, sticking to budget, and conducting ourselves as remodeling industry professionals are all important to us.

A New Way to Remodel

We get asked a lot about our slogan, "A New Way to Remodel". The “new way” has to do with our remodeling and design process. We understand that remodeling can be stressful, after hearing numerous painful remodeling stories, we decided to provide a better way to renovate your home by taking some of the stress out of the remodeling process creating a faster, smoother renovation.


In a typical remodel, there is often a lot of down time. We try to reduce this issue by making as many decisions as possible before the work even starts. This allows us to have a more accurate contract and lets us order the necessary materials needed to complete the project without losing precious time. In addition, we do much of the work "in-house". Controlling the majority of the process allows us better control over the time frame needed to finish the job.


Another area of remodeling “pain” is how much the project intrudes into the customer's home. Every home renovation project creates a mess and has an impact on other living spaces. By using the latest remodeling techniques we minimize this as much as possible.


Bottom line is, if we can shorten the amount of time needed to complete the job, we disrupt your life less, and stay within your budget.


What matters most is you, a happy and satisfied customer.